Umbrella Funds

In response to changes within the retirement fund industry and the particular impact that these changes are having on small businesses and their employee benefit arrangements, Fairsure established two privately administered umbrella funds (pension and provident) that address the needs of small businesses and medium-to-large employer groups.

The independence of these funds is what makes them unique. Every service provider is independent, as are the trustees, actuaries, auditors, investment managers and insurers. This independence ensures that there are no conflicts of interest and that the members’ interests are always placed first.

Private Funds

Fairsure provides for the administration of a number of stand-alone private funds, the largest being a national organization with over 300 pay points.

Group Risk

The Fairsure Unapproved Risk Scheme provides medium to large companies with group risk cover without having to belong to a retirement fund.

The scheme is able to provide competitive premium rates with a wide variety of risk products such as death benefits, lump sum disability benefits, income replacement benefits, spouse’s cover and funeral cover.

Annuity Payments

In addition to Retirement Fund Administration, Fairsure also offers a specialized service via its dedicated Annuities Administration Department, which gives focused attention to pensioners under its care.

Pension-Backed Home Loan

In addition to Retirement Fund Administration, Fairsure offers pension-backed home loan administration facility.

Unclaimed Benefit Preservation Fund

The Quantum Preservation Funds have been registered specifically to cater for benefits that have not been claimed as defined in the rules of the Fund and where the Trustee authorized the transfer to an unclaimed benefit fund.

Unclaimed benefits are invested in a portfolio that provides absolute returns, irrespective of the equity market movements, while striving to maintain real returns.